1) You’ll feel the wind at your back (& everywhere else).

2) It’s easy to stay cool – no chance of overheating in a torrential downpour.

3) No bugs!

4) The trees will bow down (& sometimes fall) before you.

5) The water station is all around you, just open your mouth & stay hydrated.

6) You’ll overcome your fear of puddles – those shoes are soaked already, splash around & enjoy yourself!

7) Even the people not running look like drowned rats, so obviously the photo ops at the finish line abound.

8) Dory from Finding Nemo will be the best run coach you’ve ever had – “just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!”

9) It’s a chance to make friends – if you’re running in this kind of weather you’re obviously a lunatic. On the bright side there are 277 other lunatics running with you, so you’re a lunatic with friends.

10) You paid for it. Not only are you crazy enough to run in this, but you also paid for this seemingly unending enjoyment! Go out there & get your money’s worth!

This past Sunday I ran the third annual Pelee Island half marathon. Friday and Saturday were gorgeous, sunny days on the island.

Sunset - Friday night on Pelee Island
Sunset – Friday night on Pelee Island
Saturday on Pelee Island - A great day for a 2k prep run!
Saturday on Pelee Island – great morning for a 2k prep run!

Sunday, not so much. It was freezing cold, pouring rain (over 3.5 inches in 3 hours), winds up to 50 km/hr, with trees falling and 6 foot waves along the eastern shore. It was in this wondrous gale that my father and I set off to run 21.1k (this video by Chris Uszynski gives you a glimpse of what the conditions were like that morning).

View from the B&B
View from the B&B porch at 8am the morning of the race.
Ready to go - turns out I didn't need the sunglasses!
Ready to go – turns out I didn’t need the sunglasses!

I am very proud to say we both finished! Dad pulled his hamstring, but still completed the run at about 2 hours and 50 minutes! I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t manage a PB or beat my time at last year’s Scotiabank half (2:09:36), but I finished with a respectable 2:10:17.

The best part about this damp run was that it finished at the Pelee Island Winery. The wine, delicious lunch, live music and company more than made up for the dismal weather. I highly recommend this run – we had a great time, there were so many people out to cheer us on even in the storm and you definitely can’t beat the after party!

After the run with our new friends Marilyn & LeeAnn
After the run with our medals & new friends Marilyn & LeeAnn


P.S. I figure doing this run means I’m crazy enough take on a full marathon, so I’ll be running the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon this October!

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