Keep Calm & Run a Marathon

On Monday, July 21, 2014 I registered for the full Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. What was I thinking?? Oh right, this was the plan all along…

When I first thought about running a full marathon it was over a year ago and prior to my completion of the half. Back then it seemed so doable, my grand plans of working out daily and running for hours at a time were simple future facts of life. Well, guess what? I didn’t keep up the regular running after my half marathon last October. Sure, I was going to gym occasionally, running here and there and (as a Torontonian) walking all over the place, but I really wasn’t sticking to any sort of routine.

According to my RunKeeper app the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon is now only 80 days away!! Luckily this app also provides workout plans (I highly recommend checking RunKeeper out, if you haven’t already). I subscribed to a 16-week, sub 4 hour marathon plan by Jeff Gaudette, and I must follow it. I’ll admit I’ve missed a run here and there, but overall I’m doing well! Having a concrete strategy definitely provides added motivation and is helping me convince myself that my goal is achievable.

The three major tenets of Gaudette’s plan are, “(1) increasing your fitness so that you can decrease your marathon pace and make it more comfortable; (2) teaching your body how to burn fat as a fuel source as opposed to carbohydrates; and (3) simulating the fatigue you’ll experience the last 10k without getting hurt or becoming too tired in training.” Based on my experience running the STWM half and running, in general, these seem to be an excellent way to approach the full. I’ll let you all know how it pans out!



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