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This is a Torontonian’s Perspective podcast with host Andrea Morassutti in Toronto on November 7, 2013. This episode discusses athlete Paula Radcliffe and her online influence as determined by Klout and Kred.

Paula Radcliffe is an English long-distance runner who holds the women’s world record for the marathon with a time of 2:15:25 in the 2003 London Marathon. She has run seven marathons, winning six and setting records in five. She also actively campaigns against the use of performance enhancing drugs by athletes. Radcliffe’s record time for a half marathon is 1:05:40 (a little over an hour faster than my own 2:04:10 time in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront half marathon!). Needless to say she is an impressive athlete. But how influential is Radcliffe?

This podcast explores this question, as well as the overall validity of social media influence measurement tools like Klout and Kred.


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*Note: the podcast cover image is my own photograph, taken and edited by me.

2 thoughts on “A “Running” Commentary on Online Influence & Paula Radcliffe

  1. Great podcast ! very interesting comparison between Klout and Kred ! Great choice of music in the beginning !

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