My new kitten Hank watching Battlestar Galactica with me.
My new kitten Hank watching Battlestar Galactica with me.

School, work, cats and a marathon of Battlestar Galactica¬†came between me and my original plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro this summer. I also realized that my original climbing companion was not totally committed, which is understandable…climbing Mount Kilimanjaro definitely won’t be easy!

But never fear, the trip is still going to happen, and it gets better…

I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro next July (2015) with my parents! That’s right, my parents. This could be excellent, but I had a few qualms. Mum and dad have a penchant for being late and I have a very short fuse after spending more than a few days with them. After careful consideration, however, I’ve realized I’m being an idiot! Of course I’m going with them.

My dad and, more recently, my mum have been preparing to run a half marathon in October, which is also helping them get ready for the climb. Stealing my goals, or what? The Kili trip is being organized by Live Out Loud Adventures, and there will be about 14 of us climbing. The plan is to raise money for the Windsor/Essex Hospitals Foundation.

Although I was initially excited to plan out all the minute details of the trip, I have to admit it’s a relief to have many of the details predetermined. We will be climbing the Machame route over a period of seven days, followed by a safari option (yes please!). As one of the company owners Alison Wiley said, it’s also nice to have someone with experience there to tell you your parka won’t be warm enough or that you could have better climbing shoes before you depart for Tanzania.

The next step is to put my deposit down for the trip ($1,000! Things are getting real!), and to start researching more specifically about the Machame route and everything I’ll need to have a successful climb. Can’t wait to share the journey with you all!

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